Bee Plus Honey is based in Ballard, Washington and provides responsible beehive hosting throughout the greater Seattle area. If you are thinking you'd like to support bees and provide polinators in your neighborhood, please contact Jason to get a consultation.

What is hosting?

Hosting is a symbiotic relationship between humans and bees! Bee Plus Honey will place a hive (or two) in your yard after finding the perfect spot. We will then come over and tend and monitor the bees, generally every two weeks depending on time of year. You get the benefit of helping bees, plus the joy of watching them build colonies, polinate your and your neighbors yards, and know you are helping bees in their time of need.

Resturant Hosting...

We work with local resturants who want organic honey, but do not have the time or land to host them. We will maintain and keep healthy populations of bee colonies for you! Hosting our hives at Snohomish organic farm Roots & Shoots we provide up to 40 pounds of chemical free honey each season for sale in your resturant and business. Ask about our comb honey program as well! Patrons will love it!


In 2016 Bee Plus Honey began managing the Ballard Bee Company hosting program and working with folks who are excited about helping bees. We are excited about this transition and look forward to working with Corky now, and in the future!

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